A bit more about us...

Hello, Sawbona warm welcome from sunny South Africa.  

'Thenga' a Zulu word meaning; to buyto sell, or to shop. This is marketplace, a meeting place, a home for those with passion, interest and love for African art.

Thenga is a global online art gallery, our art is for everyone not just collectors.  Thenga focuses is on the unique, original, hand crafted artwork each with its own story to tell.


We facilitate local artists enabling them to make a living doing what they love. Thenga is a safe, mutually beneficial environment designed to give artists a large platform in which to sell their art and for international buyers to shop with confidence.

The Thenga team has been guiding, mentoring and supporting South African artists since 2014. Thenga.art is the next logical step to share these talented artists and their hand crafted work with the rest of the world.






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