Introducing Nhlanhla Chonco

In early 2018 Nhlanhla was the first artist to join Thenga. His passion for local art development and the Durban art community is felt in every word and through every artwork he creates.

Nhlanhla was born in Clermont township south of Durban, where his father first encouraged him to pursue a career in art.

As a young child he discovered his passion for art through depicting cartoon images, trying to master the proportions of iconic hero’s like Spiderman and The Hulk.

He took his first art lesson in 1987 at the Community Arts Workshop and then joined the Art Corner in Marine Parade for 2 years where he did portraits from life in chalk pastel.

Nhlanhla remarks that “I was always fascinated by colours, thus my figures come out from colour.” and “My work represents the restoration of authenticity and raw life-living of different African tribes.”

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