About us

Thenga was created in response to the inspiring tapestry of artistic talent indigenous to the African market place. A continent that is home to the kind of art you don’t know you want until you see it. That piece that holds you for a moment between time and space and speaks to the part of your soul you thought had ceased to exist.

Founder, Sue Pretorius, is dedicated to exploring diverse locations to discover artistic talent that hasn’t yet had the opportunity to rise up into the commercial world of art.  

Sue has been guiding, mentoring and supporting African artists since 2014.

Based within the cultural milieu of Durban, South Africa, where the emerging local talent is vibrant  and tenacious, our mission is to identify and expose this talent to growth opportunities through the Thenga market place.

Thenga happily co-curates art lead spaces with interior designers and art buyers who require professional guidance or assistance in the sourcing and displaying of art.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you,

The Thenga team



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