Angie Arbuthnot

Angie Arbuthnot

“Creativity is an expression of myself; a deep connection with something so pure and ancient. It comes naturally, no striving, nor “perfect” conditions"

Angie grew up in the foot hills of a cattle farm in Giants castle, KZN, South Africa. Her childhood was a simple but a colourful one: playing with the other farm children, chatting to the staff, building houses out of sacks, clay animals down by the river and enjoying grass and beadwork with the ladies….. Even drawing, knitting and sewing.

Angie’s art has always been synonymous with happy colour! She uses it with gay abandon, seemingly undeterred about the harmony or disharmony of it. She uses her awkward sketching contour lines to “walk” through the colour as if it’s blind to the boundaries of shape. She likes to paint quickly, often wet on wet, resulting in an unpretentious and authentically “real” painting! She has also used her contour sketching very effectively on board to carve the image. Her carving on board was part of her solo exhibition called “Walk the Line”. She carves “blind” on her board (i.e. no pencil lines) which renders a wobbly and awkward impression, even the “wrong” lines being in agreement with the picture! She is able to capture the essence of the object without describing too much for the viewer.

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