Ant Dodd

Ant Dodd

Ant Dodd is in constant conversation with the ocean.

His sea-scapes appear simple upon first glance, allowing the viewer a sense of ease, inviting one to see further, to find movement in the piece - serene yet profound.

Ant grew up next to the ocean. After being assigned to the army and later appointed as an official Military Artist, he was able to explore the Zambezi River banks while capturing scenes of the Marines on patrol there.

Many years later, as a surfer, Ant’s relationship with the ocean is non-negotiable. Her changing waves, rhythms and colours form the personality he is in love with - one that is not always predictable but is constant in presence. Ant is inspired by sunsets and sunrises, the tides and the beach sand that these natural phenomena remould daily into patterns for contemplation.

Ant has worked with ink, digital design, silk screening, wood and paint - a toolbox which keeps him exploring and diversifying the stories he tells through his art.

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