Celimpilo Dlamini





Celimpilo Dlamini was born in 1983 in Simunye, Swaziland. He enjoyed drawing when he was a child and was introduced to painting when he took art as a subject in high school. After high school he set out to learn more about art, reading about art mediums and other artists and trying his hand at techniques and ideas, since formal art training was unavailable in Swaziland and too expensive outside the country.

Celimpilo's preferred medium is oil on canvas. He says "I like the variety of effects that can be achieved with it and also the richness of color." He enjoys painting colorful landscapes, people, and still life. His aim is never to duplicate reality on canvas but rather to produce a uniquely personal interpretation of what he sees. "I like to keep it loose and free, using large brushes for as long as possible throughout a painting, without much attention to intricate details."

Celimpilo is inspired by desire to 'paint well' - and sometimes the subject matter is secondary. "I always set out to make a beautiful painting and sometimes that is all there is to it. Any other motivation for painting, usually follows after this. Even when viewing other artists' work, I notice the beauty and mastery of the work before any symbolism or other purposes behind it."

He exhibits regularly in Swaziland and his work is in private and corporate collections there and beyond.

He currently lives and works in Mbabane.




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