Major Ndlovu

Major’s gentle, teddy bear like nature seems juxtaposed alongside his impactful artwork. Major recalls drawing and sketching at school as the first exploration of his creativity; having seen a classmate engaging in the activity, he decided to try his hand at it, using his classmates as his subject matter.  Major hasn’t stopped drawing since.

 Originally from the Umbumbulu South Coast of Kwazulu Natal, Major now lives in a township further north, called Inanda. He has unofficially started to introduce art to the children in his community, who curiously peer over his shoulder as they pass by his house on their way home from school. Offering up impromptu drawing sessions and conversations about art to the youngsters, Major has become an art mentor of sorts and is thinking about establishing an art club for the youth on a more official level. Major is also a member of the Amasosha Art Movement, a group of young Durban artists who promote solidarity among artists.

 Major’s art is fueled by the intention to question the freedom of figures as they go about daily activities within their communities. He asks the viewer to consider whether they engage in activities out of choice, necessity, or as a means of survival. While his works may appear political, the artist expresses that he is not personally politically driven; rather his art is a commentary on his experience of living within a South African society.

 When Major isn’t making art he’s writing poetry, in his home language, Zulu.

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