Rayne Hampson

Rayne Hampson

Living in KwaZulu Natal, Rayne is a farmgirl at heart and her work is inspired by nature, the outdoors and all that encompasses life in Africa. 

Working predominantly in oils, the medium allows her to explore her love of botanicals and wildlife, and more recently portraits. 

As a young girl she loved to sketch,draw and paint, and learnt the art of ceramics. She also works in other mediums including inks and charcoals which she often combines in her works. She is fascinated by the shapes and colours we see in our everyday lives, and says it’s how differently each one of us sees them that makes art unique. 

“Art and creativity is my passion and my happy place! Painting is my journey of discovery….and with the use of brushstrokes, I hope to capture a moment of time in my work.”

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